Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Blind Side

And now for something different. . . just in time for football season, for the football fans out there!

What do you do when you find someone out in the cold, walking down the road in the rain and it looks like they don't know where they're going?  The easy thing to do is to keep on going.  The harder thing to do is to stop, turn back, inquire of the person, and let him in.  That's essentially how this story begins.  What happens is simply golden. 

The Blind Side is an incredibly true story of Leigh Ann Tuohy and her "son" Micheal Oher.  Distributed by Warner Brothers and released in theaters in 2009, it's the story of what one family (with the will and means to do it) can do to help another.  Michael is in essence Leigh Ann's "starfish."  You've perhaps heard the saying about the dying starfish washing up onto the shore, and about the one person who threw one back so it could live.  Did it affect the other starfish?  No.  But did it affect the one starfish that was thrown back into the sea?  Absolutely!  You now know the premise of the film.  Here's the preview:

Now that you've seen the preview, go out and rent or buy the film.  Great inspirational true story with an all too rare - from an entertainment industry standpoint - wonderful ending.  Not a fairy tale, but the real thing. 
Here's the real life protagonist in this true story, Leigh Ann Tuohy, on YouTube to tell her story (in two parts for video) on how the film was made and about Michael.  She's our guest video blogger.  Yes, she's speaking as she is receiving an award, but the award isn't the focus.  Someone else is.  May her remarks inspire you as they have inspired me.  Enjoy!


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