Sunday, June 15, 2014

"Just Over in the Gloryland"-Crimson River & Cross Road Quartets

Now this is "traveling music" for the Pilgrim on their way to the Eternal Home that is Heaven.  Heavenly, uplifting, joyous music performed a number of years ago - circa 2005 - by the Crimson River Quartet (CRQ) and the Cross Road Quartet. 

Cross Road nowadays is a defunct group, but the CRQ is still going strong in an age where there is less and less of live traveling Southern Gospel musical groups singing this kind of music in churches. I've got several of their CDs which were purchased after hearing them live at a church in Bakersfield a few years ago.  Great investment versus the programming on subscription radio, which, like cable television, offers lots of programming but less and less quality in that programming. 

I've been listening a lot lately to CRQ's "Live at Lake Hills" CD, where this musical number may be found.  Recommended, and I'd go so far to say that the Crimson River Quartet is one of the official musical groups for this weblog.  Rick Moore (no relation - I asked) and group love to "fun" each other by telling jokes in between songs, and their love of the Lord and his people are evident in their music ministry.  OK, so some of the jokes are literally corny. . . but the "Oak Street" joke hits home to me a couple of different ways.  An acquired taste, and one you'll not be ashamed to have.  Just a great time listening to these folks.

Anyways, this tune is infectious.  Clap your hands and sing the tenor part if you dare - and I can and do - and enjoy!  I love the piano accompaniment in this piece. . . listen for it towards the end. 

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