Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cedula Instructions for a Visa 9-1. Foreign Pension

1.  Written request signed by the applicant, addressed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

2.  Visa Application Form: with an Original color passport size photo with white background, the same as is posted on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Integration. 

3.  Notarized (in Cuenca) color copy of the passport, which needs to be valid for at least six months, notarized copy of your current regular visa at the time the person starts the process and a notarized copy of the registry of the visa.

4.  Updated criminal record, certificate issued in the foreign country or the country where the person has lived for the last five years, duly apostilled (s) in the case of the countries that belong to the Hague Convention or legalized (s) at the Consulate of Ecuador in the country where this document was issued (in the case of those countries that do not belong to the Hague Convention). 

5.  Updated Migratory Movement Certificate issued by the immigration police.  (Valid through 30 days) 

6.  Document issued by the institution that pays or provides retirement pension or permanent income that comes from a foreign country, duly apostilled (in the case of those countries that belong to the Hague Convention) at the country of origin or authenticated by the Ecuadorian Consul (in the case of those countries that did not sign this international treaty), in the country where this document was issued.  The amount should not be less than $800 (eight hundred dollars) of the United States of America as a monthly rent to the recipient, and will increase by $100 (one hundred dollars) extra per month for each family member that depends on the immigrant. 

7.  Certificate issued and legalized by the Ecuadorian Foreign Service Officer, in the country of origin, determining the perception of such pension or permanent income. 

8.  Any document in a foreign language must be translated into Spanish and must have the recognition of the translator's signature before a notary public.  When the translation has been done in a foreign country, it must be apostilled or legalized by the Ecuadorian consulate in the country of origin.  The translation may also come to the Ecuadorian consulate in the country of origin in Ecuador. 

Important: Article 22 of the "Ley de Extranjeria" - the officials that are part of the Ecuadorian Foreign Service and the Department of the General Direction of Immigration, will have full powers to require any verification of the statements set out in applications for visas and other immigration documents to ensure and investigate the occurrence of any of the causes of exclusion provided the Migration Act. 

Note: When you submit the documents, they should be submitted according to the established sequence as it is in the requirements page. 

Visa Validity: Indefinite

Entries: Multiple

Taxes: Visa application: $30 Visa: $320

The process is personal

(The preceding information was obtained from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs office in Cuenca, and is reproduced laboriously and faithfully to the letter, down to the spelling and grammar errors.  Obtained on April 29, 2014.) 

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